? Milks Korle-Bu IGF Dry?

As part of efforts aimed at deliberately collapsing the nation?s premier hospital, its Caretaker Board Chairman Mr. Eddie Annan is alleged to have defied all odds in a detestable decision to pay the newly recruited Director of Administration, Mr. Mohammed Nurudeen, who is alleged to be ?one of his avowed cronies.


It has come up that after several failed attempts by Eddie Annan supported by Prof. Afua Hesse, Acting CEO of Korle-Bu to secure financial clearance from the Ministry of Finance through the Ministry of Health for Mohammed Nurudeen, they have decided to dip their hands in the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) of the Hospital to pay Nurudeen as Director of Administration.

Although his position had been contested by the Ministry of Health, which at the time of his appointment, wrote to Eddie Annan asking him to drop that decision.

But Eddie Annan ignored all the calls from the Ministry on him to rescind his decision to bring a new Administrator to the hospital when indeed; the said position is being contested in court.

In trying to recruit Nurudeen to that position, Eddie Annan caused a publication of an advertisement in the Daily Graphic and Ghanaian Times on Wednesday 26th September, 2012 and Thursday, September 27th 2012 respectively.

The Ministry in its first argument indicated its awareness of the pending court case involving the advertised position and its repercussions on the Ministry and government as a whole.

It further questioned the qualification required for that supposed vacant position which it believed has been carried out in the wrong direction, by limiting its qualification to a Business administration and a Social Sciences Subject Area. It further contended that the position of a Director of Administration for the Ministry of Health under the Ghana Health Service to serve in the position of the Premier Hospital should necessarily be a qualification of a Masters Degree Holder in Health Services Administration of Hospital Management.

The Ministry of Health is concerned about the whole situation because of the fact that Universities in Ghana train tailor made Health Services Administrators whose area of expertise, though limited to the health sector, gives them more in-depth knowledge in the functions of health services as opposed to their colleagues who are trained in the broader area of Administration.

The Ministry identified their exclusion of the Health Service Administrators from the advertisement as irregular and a great dis-service to this cadre of staff and is requesting for a change in the advertisement, when it becomes necessary that such a position is to be advertised.

The Ministry of Health however kicked against such a decision and hence made it clear to the board that, the advertisement placed for the director of administration must be tailored to health services administrators.

The content of the said advertisement does not conform to Human Resource Policies of the Ministry of Health, where the advertisement was sourcing for a First Degree Holder in Social Sciences instead of a specified field in the profession as Health Service Administrator.

But all these were not heeded to, and Mohammed Nurudeen was brought in.

Unfortunately for him, the Ministry of Health which does not recognize him as an employee of the hospital and the ministry is not willing to grant financial clearance for him to be put on government salary.

However Eddie Annan thought it wise to fall on the hospital?s IGF to pay for his services.

Information also is that Mohammed Nurudeen and his wife have been given official vehicles with fuel allowances as a legitimate Director of Administration.

The Moment has established that Nurudeen?s wife has been given a Toyota Corolla with Registration No. GT 2970-13 whilst Nurudeen himself given a Toyota Hilux with Registration No. GT 8106-13 Toyota.

Also, Godfred Ahianyo who has benefitted largely from Eddie Annan?s? supposed generosity has been given a Toyota Corolla with Registration Number GT 2869-13.

All these development, according to sources, were carried out with Prof. Afua Hesse who is due for retirement.

Source: Prosper Agbenyegah (The Moment)



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