Its stakeholders here are bodies which are greatly affected by all its decisions and also matter in all issues concerning elections.

Electoral Commission
Electoral Commission

They include the Political Parties and the Civil Society Organisations in Ghana.

Research has shown that the EC has been consistent with its UNILATERAL DECISIONS for sometime now with some of the examples being;
1. The impose onto Ghanaians of about 500,000 Ghost Ghanaian Foriegn Voters
[The EC has still not been able to account for about 499,500 of them]

2. The impose onto Ghanaians of an IT company to audit the Current Voter Register

3. The impose onto Ghanaians of a Five Member Panel to hold a public hearing on the current matter of the Voters’ Register.

I see this consistent attitude by the EC to be very bad and wrong and so, it should be a concern for all.
For the sake of time, I will only like to touch on the Number 3 because it is the current issue onboard.

The EC’s UNILATERAL decision to appoint its own five member panel to consider all the arguments being push forward for either getting a New Voters’ Register or keeping the old one is not only bad but very wrong because it would have rather been very right and prudent for the EC to have rather involved all the stakeholders with respect to this matter before choosing a panel, so that each of the stakeholders will easily agree to any decision that will come from the panel.

Actually, this thing done here by the EC is very autocratic and therefore an abuse of power.
It is just like forcing down MARRIAGE and the “PENIS” of a FIFTY YEARS OLD MAN down the “VAGINA” of a FOURTEEN YEARS OLD GIRL, eventhough it will PENETRATE, we all know it is very UNFAIR to the GIRL and this is exactly what the EC is doing to its stakeholders here.

Let us all remember that, It was through same unilateral decisions and others that lost Ghanaians their confidence in the EC according to the findings of the IEA recently.

I believe that, the EC’s consistent taking of unilateral decisions will gradually grow into a CANCER in the Democratic Body of Ghana and if care is not taken, it might grow into a FULLY GROWN INCURABLE CANCER which might explode into confusion in Ghana anytime soon and so, the earlier we correct it, the better.

Thank you and May God be praised always

Nana Kwadwo Akwaa.. 0246913905 / 0209676413

Critical Thinkers


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