Economic Terrorists Unhealthy For Businesses Growth-Nduom

Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, the 2012 flagbearer of the Progressive People?s Party (PPP) has indicated with great concern that government’s inability to treat and address workers’ concerns properly is gradually breeding what he termed “economic terrorists” in the country.


According to him, employers should rendezvous to properly treat workers who sacrifice for the growth of a company to prevent them from becoming ?economic terrorists?.

He made these rat The Trinity Baptist Church in Accra.

Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom said companies and businessmen must ensure that workers who sacrifice and work hard for the growth of their companies, during the difficult times are not abandoned during the good times.

He said, ?I help you to make some money and when you make the money you leave me behind, you can?t do that. If in tough times we are sacrificing and working, when there are good times, the goodness, the prosperity it must be shared.?

He noted that, if that is not done, employees would become economic terrorists and as a business person that is the least they needed.

“What I have to say is that, it is important that we take that into consideration and that when we are in difficult times; that is the time to invest, it is a time to sacrifice and a time to work,” he said.


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