• But youth group says the advice is ill-conceived, disingenuous and retrogressive
  • Shows PUWU’s ignorance about the issues on the ground
  • It’s also an endorsement of the overbilling, the negligence, rot and acts of irresponsibility on the part of ECG staff
  • It’s a regrettable show of insensitivity to the plight of the suffering masses.

Kloma Gbi (voice of the Krobo state) has described as rash the advice by the Public Utility Workers’ Union (PUWU) to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to withdraw its service to Somanya and the Krobo area in reaction to the recent development in the area.

The group, which has been active in matters concerning the Krobo community, said the withdrawal of services (to the neglect of the substantive issue and genuine concern of the citizenry) was a recipe for disaster, and added that “no proactive institution or organization with an effective Public and Community Relations structure would offer or heed the impulsive advice”.

It further indicated that the decision by PUWU to fly red flags at all ECG offices in solidarity with the latter is a deceitful tactic to divert attention from the inefficiencies in the system which are enuring to the benefit of ECG and its staff to the disadvantage of the people.

Director of Communication of Kloma Gbi, Henking Adjase-Kodjo said, we are rather taken aback by the fact that a union like PUWU is rather disingenuously encouraging the illegality, impunity and stunning silence with which the substantive issue of overbilling is being treated, and as such urging ECG to continue perpetrating its trademark on the blind side of the citizenry”.

While describing the excesses of the spontaneous reaction of the people as regrettable, Mr. Adjase-Kodjo indicated that “the way forward should be dialogue, given the validity of the claims and concerns of the people- the issue cannot be swept under the carpet because it can only erupt subsequently”.

“We are therefore calling on the management of ECG to come out and state it’s position and explain issue as well as indicate the proactive steps in place to ensure amicable resolution”.