Health Center

The Apatrapa Health Centre in the Kumasi Metropolis has been cut of the electricity grid due to indebtedness to the ECG.

Health CenterFor close to a month now, night services at the facility has been suspended forcing personnel on night duty to abandon their posts.

The facility had been engulfed by darkness when Ghana News got there around 8 PM Tuesday, 28th March,2017 with only one security man at post.

It is however unclear why authorities at the Health Centre have refused to pay the bills to get the facility reconnected to the grid, though the ,”In-Charge”, Mad. Theresa said last week that she was putting measures in place to get the problem resolved.

Residents say they have been forced to visit neighbouring Tanoso and other communities to access basic health needs for the past one month, expressing fear of lost of lives should anybody fall ill at night.

Source : Sammy Adjei /