After billing electricity consumers on the new increased tariff of 59.2% from December 1st 2015 as against the scheduled date of implementation of December 14th 2015 by the PURC, the Electricity Company of Ghana has now recognized the error.


ECG in a statement announced that it would in January 2016 refund to customers monies which were “wrongfully” collected from them as a result of the imbalances in calculating the recent upward utility tariff adjustment.

The Public Utility Regulatory Commission (PURC) announced an increase in electricity and water tariffs by 59.2% and 67.2% respectively ahead of the Christmas season, to take effect from Monday December 14 but customers of electricity were charged the ahead of the schedule date.

Acording to ECG, it has realized some challenges associated with the implementation of the recent 59.2 percent hike in Electricity tariff hence the decision to refund monies to customers who have indirectly been cheated.

Below is the full statement by ECG

The Electricity Company of Ghana has noted the challenges associated with the implementation of the tariff adjustment of 59.2%, effective 14th Dec., 2015.

The Company’s billing cycle including prepayment vending is a monthly cycle system. Therefore, any cash deposit for electricity will bill from 1st Dec. 2015 at the adjusted new rate of 59.2% instead of from 14th Dec 2015 as announced by PURC.

Customers should please note that the tariff difference between 1st Dec and 13th Dec 2015 will be reconciled and the difference refunded in Jan. 2016.

This means that your vending in Dec. 2015 will be higher than the 59.2% adjustment implemented. However, at your vending in Jan. 2016 the necessary credit refund will automatically apply.

Customers should contact the nearest ECG office for any complaints

The inconvenience is very much regretted.



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