The?Electoral?Commission (EC) is yet to face another Contempt case to be brought to it by Former Attorney General in erstwhile Kufuor administration, Ayikoi Otoo.

According to him, they could be filing a fresh contempt suit against the Electoral Commission having withdrawn the earlier one it filed against the EC.

The controversial Constitutional Instrument (CI) 73 creating 45 additional constituencies was withdrawn earlier this week following the recommendation of the Subsidiary Legislative Committee of Parliament which cited many mistakes and errors in the CI.

The withdrawal of the contempt suit filed by the former Attorney General at the Accra Fast Track High Court became necessary following the withdrawal of the controversial CI 73 from parliament.

The former AG stated that they are compelled to file a fresh contempt suit against the EC after it laid an amended CI creating the 45 constituencies,?quoting Article 47 (3)(4) of the 1992 Constitution as providing guidelines to which the EC may use in creating the new constituencies.

But Ayikoi Otoo maintained that EC?s basis that every district must have a constituency is never stated anywhere in the constitution.

According to Ayikoi Otoo the EC must come clear on some of the factors it considered in the creation of the constituencies.


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