EC New LogoThe new logo has a dark-blue circle as background with rounded green, yellow, white and red coloured spots placed tactfully around the edge of the background.

These four spots form a symmetry with four other similar spots on the background.

These four coloured spots – along with their four symmetrical spots – combine with eight white V-shaped outlines within the dark-blue background to create an abstract image of eight people in a circle with lifted hands.

The current EC logo has a black star in between two eagles at both sides of a shield with a hand in the middle casting a ballot. It also has the inscription ‘Transparency, Fairness, Integrity.

Reports indicate the decision by the public elections coordinator to change its logo has been met with disapproval from some media practitioners.

The reports suggest when the new logo was unveiled to the media practitioners at a capacity workshop organized by the EC on the November polls, they advised that the commission reverts to the old logo.



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