EC Boss, Charlotte Osei
EC Boss, Charlotte Osei

Following the decision by the Electoral Commission to not compile a new voter register as recommended by the five member panel set to look into the matter of allegations of blotted register, a former head of the Political Science department of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology has tagged the commission as “Kangaroo Committee”.

EC boss, Charlotte Osei
EC boss, Charlotte Osei

Furious Dr Richard Amoako Baah, also rejected the decision of the Electoral Commission on the new voter register claiming the EC has by adhering to the advise of the so called committee has failed to do its job as an independent constitutional body that does not need the advice of any committee nor whatsoever.

In an interview with Class FM’s Ekow Mensah Shalders, Dr. Baah charged that;

“It is unilateral. The woman said it even before she set up the so-called kangaroo committee. She said we shouldn’t have it because we have 30,000 hot spots in the country. What was the information based on? Which means she had already decided”.

The Electoral Commission in last year set up a five member panel led by former Supreme Court Judge Justice V. C. R. A. C Crabbe after main opposition party New Patriotic Party and pressure group Let My Vote Count Alliance heaped pressure on the Electoral Commission to change the existing Voters Register which they claim had been blotted and as such lost all credibility and trust.

But the Commission in a statement upon receiving the committee’s report said

“The Electoral Commission will continue to engage stakeholders to ensure that a clean and credible voters’ register is in place for the 2016 general elections through an inclusive and collaborative audit process.”

“The Panel finds the arguments for a new register unconvincing and therefore does not recommend the replacement of the current voters’ register,” the statement added.

In in sharp rebuttal to the EC’s statement, the political scientist said the EC failed to investigate and deal with allegations that there were 76,000 names of alleged foreign nationals on the electoral roll, which the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) raised red flags about last year.

“At least you should investigate and report to those, who presented the information whether it is true or not true, providing evidence that you have looked into it and the evidence presented [ by petitioners] is not acceptable. They have not done any of that,” Mr Amoako Baah alleged.

Dr. Baah believes the Commission should have held a stakeholders’ meeting with all parties involved, to deliberate on the matter and come out with a solution that will be acceptable to everyone. To him, the EC has failed to execute its mandate and he sees no reason in a Panel of five members taking such a critical decision for the EC.

“What is the job of the EC? To set up a board to decide things for them? They don’t read the constitution that it is not acceptable? They should not be influenced by anyone or any agency in society. Now they are telling us they have set up a committee to take decisions for them. How was the decision made? It was wrong. EC should have sat down with all concerned not the charade about presentations,” he reiterated.

Meanwhile PRO opposition group Let My Vote Count Alliance has threaten to launch a legal action against the EC. the group in an interview with Citi News said;

“We believe that where we are now, the decision of the EC is an affront to our democracy. It sets us back and it is purely a retrogressive decision which will not help the forward movement of our democracy. This is the reason why the firm action the Let My Vote Count Alliance is going to embark on is that, we are going to challenge it in court, and ask the court to ask the EC to set aside the electoral rule”


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