Dr Alex Segbefia
Dr Alex Segbefia

Alex Segbefia

Alex Segbefia

The Ministry of Health (MoH) and Ghana Health Service (GHS) with support from World Health Organisation (WHO) will conduct an Ebola Simulation Exercise on Thursday 11 June 2015 at the Ebola Treatment Centre at Tema Hospital.

This simulation exercise aims to test Ghana?s operational readiness to manage a suspected Ebola case from admission to discharge. The participation in the exercise will be limited to the Tema Hospital premises and includes Ambulance Services.
We kindly encourage the media to exercise caution when reporting on the simulation. Please note, Ghana has not reported a positive case of Ebola.

This simulation will be based on a fictional scenario to test Ghana?s readiness to identify, isolate, transport and treat a suspected Ebola patient.
We urge the media to not create public alarm and panic in any reporting. In order to support you covering this important milestone in the country?s preparedness, a post press release with supporting photographs will be issued about the outcome of the simulation.
This simulation is a proactive measure by Ghana?s Government to strengthen its ability to respond to a public health emergency such as Ebola and potentially other infectious diseases.

For more information
MOH: Mr Tonny Goodman, Email: [email protected] Mob: +233-(0)24 484 2979
GHS: Ms Rebecca Ackwonu ? Email: [email protected] ? M: + 233-(0)20 811 8787
WHO: Michelle Thulkanam ? Email: [email protected] ? Mob: +233-50-565-7754

Source: Ghana Health Service


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