I am not going to go on about this video but I will ask what is the ?skinny? guy doing in there? What did he add to the video? Is this really a second attempt to make things right? Geez!

The video starts with what I will term as pure product placement, but I am sure Eazzy was not paid by the lip stick and the make-up pallet ?(eye shadow and stuff) company so we can?t call it product placement?If it is not product placement, then why do you vividly keep showing that to us? ?Why start your video on that note even?

I said I will not bother to say much? right? I think I should let you guys tell me what you think after watching the video?

To me, it is like Key soap, the tradition goes on?It is like the new and old Ghana cedis, the value is the same!

The New One

The Old One


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