ONCE again the celebration of Easter by the Christian community is with us again; a moment of sober reflection and a time to reconnect to our Maker.

The New Testament states that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, is a foundation of the Christian faith.

Through His death, burial and resurrection, Jesus
paid the penalty for our sins, thus purchasing for all who believe in Him, the eternal life in Christ Jesus.

The celebration of this festivity and the stories about it should tell us one thing, which is; sacrifice for the general good of society.
As Jesus Christ sacrificed for mankind even in death to save the world, it is my humble prayer also that, as patriotic citizens and followers of Christ, we exhibit the
traits of the one we are following and sacrifice for our dear country, Ghana.

Let me also state that this occasion is not meant to indulge in acts that would be inimical to the purpose of Easter. Let us apply our minds to the significance for which Jesus died and resurrected for
our sake; the humiliation He endured just to rescue us from the claws of sin.

To motorists and other revelers, be reminded that the laws of Ghana will not be relaxed on holidays and, therefore, will apply to anyone whose action goes contrary
to the laws of the country.

We need all Ghanaians alive during this festivity because there is more work to be done; to help fix this country and return it to the path of prosperity. On behalf of the President and my own self, I wish you a wonderful celebration and its my prayer that, we renew our commitment to the development of Ghana, to make it
greater and stronger.

God bless us all.