He said, students must comport themselves, respect authorities and take their studies seriously to prepare them for their future.

independenceThe MCE made this call during the celebration of the 59th independence day at Kyebi in the Eastern Region on the theme; “Investing In The Youth For Ghana’s Transformation.”

He also called on assembly members, heads of department, the clergy, the various security services, traditional leaders and among others to assist in the course of development.

According to Hon. Simeon Peter Asirifie nation building is a collective responsibility which every individual has a role to play in complementing effort of the government to improve living conditions and to make the country a better place.

“Let us protect the resources which we use for our development and comfort by exploiting the resources on sustainable basis to preserve them for the use of the present and future generations,’’ he urged Ghanaians.

He emphasised that there were various project under construction by the assembly under different interventions which are at various stages of construction.

He said, these projects are geared towards meeting the needs of the people for their welfare and also to promote local economic development for the progress of the municipality.

The MCE cautioned all and sundry to be tolerant and conduct themselves in a manner that is expected of them and to ensure peaceful and successful election to further consolidated Ghana’s democracy.

Taking his turn, the Kibi municipal education director Mr. Edward Ocansey indicated that “we are one people with a common destiny, there is the need to strive together as a whole to uplift the image of Ghana. To students, achievement is based on knowledge, which requires serious minded students to take up the mantle of leadership.’’

Mr. Edward Ocansey continued that there is the need for all Ghanaians to come together to invest in education, since education is the bedrock of every country.
At end of the celebration the participated schools including Kibi M/A experimental and Kibi experimental junior high and senior high were awarded certificates.



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