SIM Cards re-registration
SIM Cards re-registration

Kenya’s Communication Authority Director General Francis Wangusi said that Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan will implement similar processes for the registration of SIM cards.

SIM Cards re-registration
SIM Cards re-registration

??? “This will minimize the processes required to track criminals using telecom networks to perpetuate transnational crime,” Wangusi said in Nairobi at a workshop on harmonization of legal frameworks for effective SIM card registration within the Northern Corridor integration projects partner states.

?? Wangusi said that the use of SIM cards to commit crime in neighboring countries is very rampant.
?? “This is because fraudsters know that is very difficult and complicated for security officials to follow up on crime committed using SIM cards of neighboring countries,” he said.

??? All the region’s governments have implemented laws on SIM cards registration, but there are still legal loopholes which criminals can exploit.

?? Wangusi said that it is still possible that those pre-activated SIM cards in Kenya, which the government may have wanted to block, could find their way into neighboring countries and criminals can buy and use them.
?? The official also added that the East African countries have already reduced the mobile phone roaming charges for calls made in neighboring states.

? “The roaming rates are now almost equal to making a local calls and this has made committing cross border crime much easier,” he said.

?? Expansion of mobile communication services in the region has brought with it a number of public security concerns, including the use of mobile handsets to facilitate kidnaps, fraud, terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering.

?? Once harmonization of SIM cards regulations takes effect, if SIM card from a neighboring country is used to commit crime in Kenya and Nairobi petitions the neighboring state, it will be possible to get the individual who used the phone.? Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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