By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

After ?holding the nation to ransom? for a little while our nation?s medical doctors currently on strike, are to meet on Friday to consider whether or not to resume duty once again.


We have looked into the crystal ball and seen what is to happen on Friday. The doctors will vote to resume duty fully after the meeting not for anything but the love for the nation and its people.

Our reason for this conclusion is simple unlike the recent past when government the main employer and the doctors were at loggerhead over the service condition of the doctors this time round something reasonable is being offered the doctors by government to improve their service condition .

The offer might not be the only reason why the doctors? would call off the strike. Appeals by many people in high and low positions including chiefs, religious leaders are enough to cool down tempers.

The effect of the strike action on many patients including pregnant women is enormous. And we believe the doctors are aware of it. The doctors? come from homes where their parents and siblings might engage them on the issues involved.

The average parent would tell their daughters and sons doctors to go back to work to save the situation. They as Christians and Muslims would have their religious leaders speaking to them to call off the strike action. The president John Dramani Mahama has also appealed to them repeatedly to call of the industrial action.

That is good. we believe the political parties in opposition led by the NPP would wish the doctors would end the industrial action. When they decide to call off the strike action we must receive the doctors with open arms and continue to cooperate with them as we did in the past before they took the action.

The tag of illegality must not be attached to them. We must consider what happened as an internal upheaval and a passing cloud while government and the doctors engage in negotiations to better the lot of the doctors.

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