The group said it would support a decision by President Akufo-Addo if he decides to appoint Mr Mensah for another position but having the former Youth and Sports Minister, a member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), as Council of State member would be a threat to the president.

“If the president of the republic, in the spirit of all-inclusive government, wants to appoint E. T. Mensah for a different portfolio, so be it. But not in the capacity as a member of the Council of State which we are against. He will be a threat to him,” a press release signed by the President of GDCYG, Nii Ayaafio Tetteh I.

It emerged on Monday, February 13 that the former Ningo-Prampram MP E.T. Mensah had joined the race to become the representative of the Greater Accra Region on the Council of State.

The Council of State consists of one representative from each region of Ghana, elected in accordance with regulations made by the EC under article 51 of Ghana’s constitution, by an electoral college comprising two representatives from each of the districts in the region, nominated by the district assemblies in the region, and 11 other members appointed by the president.

The election comes off on Thursday, February 16.

Even before the election, the GDCYG has rejected Mr Mensah.

Below is the full statement:

The Ga-Dangme Concerned Youth Group’s attention has been drawn to a publication in which former Youth and Sports Minister Enoch Teye Mensah is seeking to be elevated to the Council of State.

The GDCYG’s position is that it is premature for the ex-minister under the NDC regime to suddenly become an advisor to the NPP government.

It is clear as the saying goes, “one cannot become a left handed person all of a sudden”.

E T Mensah has not told anybody why he wants to advise the NPP government as a council of state member while he is still an NDC functionary. We are calling on him to make his stand clear to the general public.

We know him as a mayor of Accra, a minister, a parliamentarian, board chairman of many parastatal institutions all under the P/NDC regime. So why does he want to advise the NPP now.

Similarly, we have also noticed the body language of some political office holders towards the leadership of the GDCYG. Since President Akufo-Addo patted my shoulders and said “Nii Ayaafio, you are doing a good job” after our first meeting with him, the attitude of the regional minister, Ishmael Ashitey and Lord Commey have changed towards us for no reason. We are telling them to change their ways since 4 years is not quiet long a time with regards to politicking.

We have noticed a change in attitude of the majority (98%) of the Ga-Dangme people in government except Hon. Ayikwei Otoo, Hon Elizabeth Sackey, Hon. Niibi Ayibonte and Hon. Sheikh I.C. Quaye who have close ties with the people on the ground and solving Ga-Dangme issues.

If the president of the republic in the spirit of all-inclusive government wants to appoint E T Mensah for a different portfolio, so be it. But not in the capacity as a member of the council of state which we are against. He will be a threat to him.

We are expecting the NPP Ga-Dangme caucus to tackle our issues and refrain from hating Nii Ayaafio Tetteh and members of the GDCYG.

Whatever the case Ga-Dangme remains supreme.

Source: PeaceFmOnline


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