• Accused Of Fueling Chieftaincy & Land Disputes at Prampram,

? As Ningo-Prampram Falls To NPP

The popularity of the Minister for Employment and Social Welfare, Hon. Enoch Teye Mensah, is diminishing in Ningo-Prampram, as the constituency is gradually falling to the NPP.

Kingsmen of Prampram have accused him of not embarking on any significant project as far as development of the constituency is concerned.

He is also accused of fuelling chieftaincy and land disputes in the area. The indigenes of Ningo-Prampram have also accused ET Mensah of not participating in any social activity, including funerals and festivals since he won the 2008 elections as their MP.

Speaking to The Moment in an exclusive interview, one of the leading members of Osu-Wem family of Prampram, the custodians of Prampram land and Flagbearer of the Prampram Traditional Council, Mrs Agnes Nortey Sai, she spoke on a wide range of issues and how E.T Mensah has allegedly abused his position as an MP and Minister by meddling in land and Chieftaincy matters at Prampram.

Agnes Nortey Sai said, E.T Mensah who neither does not hail from Osu-Wem nor knows any history of the people of Prampram, has used his political power to enstool somebody by name Diana Odonkor to become the stool mother (Se Nye) for the Osu-Wem family.

She also noted that E. T Mensah did the same thing to the Ablawakor royal family by installing somebody who does not hail from the place.

She recalled that a couple of months ago, E.T Mensah hired landguards to shoot at the elders and priests and priestesses of the area during their Kpledzo festival.

Explaining further, she noted that Kpledzo festival is an occasion when the people of Prampram do make a sculpture of persons whose attitude has been characterized by evil, and be hooted at in disgrace. She mentioned that, E.T Mensah getting wind of the information that his would be the next victim on the day, hired landguards who disrupted the celebration by shooting at the people, wounding four priestesses and rendering majority of residents in serious injuries.

She alleged that four persons who were arrested by the Tema Police, were processed for court, but E.T Mensah managed to influence the Tema Circuit Court which acquitted and discharged the culprits.

According to her, being the head of the Osu-Wem and Gyase Naa of Prampram Annerye Ablemakor with the Osu Ablede Wem being the head of the Dzase, she footed all the hospital bills for the people injured in the process.

?But when E.T Mensah heard that I helped these people, he was heard on different platforms threatening to teach me a lesson.?

She also alleged that Hon. E.T Mensah together with Dawhenya Chief Kweku Dorkpor and Manklalo of Prampram Nene Atsure Benta threatened to twist her hands until she relinquish the land under her custody to them.

?The family which are now fighting the Osu Wem Family Sharyena, Annye and Cla royal Families of Prampram?

?Being the head of Dzaase of Prampram will not allow them?

She alleged said E.T Mensah used his MP Common Fund on his girlfriend, Lorinda Tony a foreign national, who he snatched from her husband. The lady, she alleged, is using the money to lend out to people at ?500 with an interest of ?150.00.

?Meanwhile the people are facing acute water and sanitation problem, with few places of convenience, but E.T Mensah built a large water tank for his girlfriend who is selling the water to residents.?

The lady, through the business was able to open a big boutique in the town, she alleged.

She challenged E.T. Mensah to come out to defend all their claims, calling for Public Scrutiny on E.T. Mensah and his activities.

They also cautioned him to stay away from Prampram land and chieftaincy affairs because he does not hail from Osu-Wem or stands to be exposed.

?Source; The Moment


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