E.com, the young rap cats from Nima who broke their way into the music scene with their hit song Accra is burning is back again with another master hit, ‘Obiaa Pe’ (every body likes it)

The song which has the current trend of music, – Azonto comes as the second official single from the group.

‘Obiaa Pe’ according to the young Nima rap cats talks about the fact that many young guys want a certain kind of lady but cannot afford the pressure from these ladies.

The group said: ‘when our guys see the beautiful ladies they really want to be with that lady but if they think about the cost that comes with it, like the recharge credits for phones, among other petty experiences, they push themselves to forget about the ladies but they want the thing also.’

Currently the song from E.com is doing so well on air with the video receiving massive responses on youtube.

‘Obiaa Pe’ is the new one from the boys E.com the young Nima rap cats, if you thought Accra is burning was hot, then listen to ‘Obiaa Pe’ and feel the speed of growth from the young cats.

Story: Nana Yaw Wiredu/www.18newspaper.com


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