Dutch palace often known as Mattancherry palace is the center of tourist attraction in Kerala. The designing and architecture of the structure is outstanding. There is a beautiful courtyard in the middle of the palace.

The temples, in the honor of Pazhayannur Bhagvdti are built here. Besides this, you can also find temples built in the honor of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva.

Other attractions in the Palace

Beautiful dining hall is an example of hard work put in by the laborers of that time. Besides this, you can find old and traditional Kerala flooring, which has amazed tourists worldwide.

Paintings and portraits of olden times

There are a number of eye-catching paintings and portraits in the Palace.

Beautiful visual rendering of Cochin Kings are displayed here. These western styled paintings are one of the main attractions. Besides this you can notice a howdah, ivory palanquin, ceremonial dress, royal umbrellas, stamps, coins and drawings.

Monuments and other tourist attractions

There are various monuments located in close proximity to the palace. You might have heard about the name Pardesi Synagogue. It is a beautiful structure built in the year 1568. Plenty of shops are located near the palace.


The temple has amazing murals in the upper as well as lower sections of the structure.

Goddess Lakshmi sitting on the lotus, Shiva and Parvathi in Ardhanariswara posture, sleeping Vishnu and other goddesses, Krishna lifting the mountain with his little finger, coronation of Rama and many other beautiful frescos are depicted here.

You can also find paintings of lord Shiva, Vishnu, Krishna and many Gods.

Pazhayamur Bhagavathy temple

This temple is located very near to the palace. Peace prevails all over the temple. It is a very popular pilgrim center for Hindus.

Climatic conditions

People here experience tropical monsoon climate. Cochin lies very close to the equator and is a coastal area. Hence, certain variation is observed in the temperature. Months from June to September experiences monsoon. Further, months from October to December are dry.  You can visit the place either in winter or monsoon.

How to reach the destination

Cochin International Airport is about 25 kilometers away from the destination. The airport is amongst the largest airports in India. It is well connected to Malaysia, Singapore and Middle East.

You can also travel by road conveniently, as it has excellent network of roads. If you are living close by to Salem, you can choose Highway NH47 to reach the destination. If you are a resident of Mumbai, you can choose NH66. Many other such highways are linked to the city.

You can also hire a bus a cab or a taxi to reach Cochin. Purchasing bus tickets is now a simple task. There is also the option to book bus tickets online.

There are excellent roads, which are usually used by the tourists and some of them are the Chittoor road, Shanmugham road, Banerji road, Kadavanthra-Kaloor road, Kochi bypass, Airport- Seaport road, Park Avenue and many others.

If you are planning to travel by train, Ernakulum junction at Ernakulum town is the nearest railway station. 

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