The Chief of Dunkwa-On-Offin Nana Obeng Nuako III has made a passionate appeal? to the Judiciary for a clear? demonstration of fairness and ?justice in the yet to be passed final verdict ?by ?the Supreme Court on the December 7th Presidential Election petition, a ?crucial determining factor of the ?fate of? Ghana.

This, he indicated, will go a long way to breed a feel of complacency among executives and supporters of various political parties particularly N.D.C and N.P.P regarding whatever judgment passed haven realized that their case were fairly heard, considered and deliberated without any iota of biases.

Underscoring the foregoing as the only surest way of ensuring that the long earned peace currently enjoyed by Ghana is not tempered, Nana Obeng Nuako III indicated in an interview with The Moment amidst a deep sense of patriotism that, it is high time leaders of? Ghana gave a true reflection of Justice as encapsulated in our national motto ?Freedom and Justice,? so as to serve an example to all nations that we live by our words.

Ghana, he stressed is much known as a freedom nation but much is not felt about us on the latter, noting that it is about time we gave a true image on that. The Supreme Court ruling he appealed, should give a perfect portrait of JUSTICE?to the advantage of mother Ghana.

He also indicated that the nation has come of age to let its peace go down the drain?over?a party?s struggle for political power as in the case of?majority of war prone countries.

Touching on the aftermath of the announcement of the verdict, political party in power if announced defeated should humbly accept and hand over to the winning side and the opposition if also pronounced defeated should comply than resorting to?violence as a way of gaining power by all means.

?The reactions from both parties after the ruling must come as good news to all?Ghanaians as they accept the outcome with the understanding that political power is a game of time and chance,? he mentioned.

Nana Obeng Nuako challenged the youth not? allow themselves to be influenced in? anyway by political leaders to carry out any violent act but must stand resolute in the idea that the peace of the nation is their priority adding that violence is not a good option but compliance to whatever? verdict passed by Supreme Court.



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