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Information available to Today show that volunteer residents of Achimota and its environs are forgoing sleep to monitor activities at the old Achimota Landfill Site at night to ensure that waste management companies no longer dump garbage there.

The Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) closed down the site as a refuse dump last, but residents discovered that some waste trucks clandestinely continued to dump garbage at the site late in the night.

The site used to be the abandoned Achimota quarry, and although it is in the centre of the town the AMAturned it into a refuse dump.

However the stench from the dump was persistent pollution to people in the area, and possible health effects pushed residents to rise up against the use of the place as a garbage dump point.

Led by the Member of Parliament for theOkaikai North Constituency in which Achimota falls, Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, residents set a date and demonstrated against the AMA.

That action forced the Assembly to close down the site as a dumping ground, but some recalcitrant truck drivers flout the AMA ban and still dump refuse there under the cover of darkness.

That, according to Today?s findings, has compelled some of the residents to volunteer to keep watch on the site to stop and ward off any waste truck drivers that intend to continue using the place as a dumping site.

??Anybody found dumping garbage here again will be arrested. We have arrested one waste truck driver and handed him to the police,? one of the volunteers angrily told Today.

According to the volunteers, if AMA does not strictly enforce its bye-laws those who continue to dump garbage at the site will incur their wrath.

Meanwhile Today has learnt that residents of Achimota are furious about the latest development and are planning to organise another demonstration to register their displeasure against the continuous dumping of refuse at the closed site.

It will be recalled that the Acting Director in charge of Water and Sanitation of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD,) NaaDemedeme, on the said day of the closure, disclosed to Today that the site will no longer serve as a refuse dumping site, and that garbage from the capital will now be sent to AdjenKotoku.

The closure came after the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Hon. Elizabeth Sackey, and the Assembly member, Mr. James Akogo, had taken a bold decision to lead their people to demonstrate against the awful stench that emanated from the dump site.



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