Dubai certainly conjures images of a Middle Eastern romantic getaway superbly complemented with the glitters and glamour of the flamboyant modernity. Dubai invariably teems with extremes of innovations and luxuries to pamper its visitor spending money on Dubai holiday packages! This city of gold packs in a host of diverse lures widely ranging from the serenity of barren deserts to soaring skyscrapers, from heart-thudding adventures to glittering events.

Dubai Fashion Week

One of the most celebrated events, The Dubai Fashion Week is perhaps regions biggest fashion fêtes. An Eden for fashionistas, a dream come true event for fashion houses, and a fairytale event for fashion freaks, Dubai Shopping Festival is truly a blissful event!


The Dubai Fashion Week was initially established in the year 2006.

However, Capital Marketing purchased it in the year, 2010. This amazing fashion fiesta seamlessly features on the international fashion week circuit alongside some of the best on the international circuit. The innovative and fresh spring/summer collections are showcased in late October, while the dazzling autumn/winter collections are exhibited in late March.

The Dubai Fashion Week is truly unlike the other fashion weeks held in London, Paris, Milan, Sydney and New York. Besides being held at one of the best locations in the world, it is perhaps the only fashion week that eclectically showcases a mix of quaint Arabian culture, hottest fashion trends and global designer collections.

Unsurprisingly, since its inception in 2006, Dubai Fashion Week has seamlessly achieved the cult status! This ‘invitation only’ fashion fete offers an excellent platform to the local and regional designers and fashion houses to showcase their new season’s collections to global buyers, fashion professionals, media and the general public.

Fashion Trends

In recent years, the event has turned out to be the biggest and the best in the Middle Eastern region.

Every season, the event witnesses a spate amongst the fashion designers from different fashion centres around the Middle East including Bahrain, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, Syria, Turkey as well as the United Arab Emirates.

Even the top names in the Indian fashion industry also choose to present their collections at the Dubai Fashion Week. The event also ensures to offer ample opportunities to on new emerging talent across all the fashion industry.

Schedule 2012

Once again, this glittering emirate is all geared up to woo fashionable souls to plan luxury holidays to Dubai! The Dubai Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 is expected to be held at The Arena located in Dubai World Trade Centre, from October 20th 2012 to 24th 2012.


For the first time, the latest edition of Fashion Week 2012 in Dubai will witness a grand Opening Ceremony, which is expected to be held on Wednesday 19th October 2012. This event, to be held the evening before the electrifying fashion week starts, will feature an outstanding theatrical collection show featuring all the designers participating in DFW 2012.

The entertaining opening ceremony event promises to bedazzle visitors taking holidays to Dubai with a dazzling kaleidoscope of fashion and culture! Traditional Arabic music fused with rap and traditional dance, all blended with the stunning designs showcased on international and local models – the show will feature events galore to pamper the visitors!

In addition to the electrifying events, the collection show room will be stuffed with 12 tonnes of glittering sands to create sand dunes to imitate the core of DFW’s destination! “Celebrating the culture of New Dubai”, a themed show that will overwhelmingly offer an insight into Dubai’s dazzling art and cultural scene would be an alluring charm to watch out for.

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