MultiChoice Ghana Launch DStv Step Up Promo Today

Good news to all DStv subscribers as MultiChoice Ghana this morning launched a mouthwatering offer dubbed the DStv Step Up Promo. This offer is open to active and disconnected subscribers on DStv Access, DStv Family and DStv Compact packages.


How DSTV Step Up Works

First, you need to have been an active DStv customer before 13th of January 2019.

SIDE NOTE: Even if you have not been using your decoder for up to 365 days, you can still benefit from this promo if you choose to upgrade your last active package.

The Step-Up Promo rewards subscribers who opt to upgrade to the next package with one month viewing of a higher package. For example, if you are a DStv Access subscriber and you upgrade your subscription to DStv Family, MultiChoice Ghana will rather load your account with the Compact package for one full month within 48 hours of upgrading to family.

Breakdown of the DStv Step Up Promo

Current Package Upgrade To Pay Get An Upgrade To Worth
DStv Access DStv Family Ghs 65 DStv Compact Ghs 125
DStv Family DStv Compact Ghs 125 Compact Plus Ghs 195
DStv Compact Compact Plus Ghs 195 DStv Premium Ghs 330


According to Cecil Sunkwa Mills, Managing Director, MultiChoice Ghana, “The DStv Step Up Promo is a game changer for our subscribers who has been asking more premium channels for their buck”. He urged DStv Access, Family and Compact customers take advantage of this promo to upgrade and still make a good saving. Adding “customer feedback is at the centre of all our decisions and we are confident this promo give our customers an opportunity to sample the rich programming available on higher packages.”


How Much Will You Save with DStv Step Up Promo?

Analysis of the DStv Step Up promo saves a DStv subscriber a considerable amount. For instance; a DStv Compact subscriber who is aiming at the DStv Premium package, you will be saving Ghs 135. DStv Family subscribers who gets upgraded to Compact plus will also save Ghs 70. Meanwhile, DStv Access subscribers are not left out, as they also get to save Ghs60 after their upgrade to DStv Compact. It’s obvious that the higher you go, the more your savings on your package for the next 30 days.

Validity of DStv Step Up Promo

The DStv Step Up Promo will run till 15th of April 2019. Please note that the upgrade is only valid for one month, starting from 48 hour post payment for the upgrade.


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