Trotro Driver
Trotro Driver

“The rainy season is often characterised by hazy weather conditions affecting visibility, bad road networks and overflowing gutters and drainages, which render some roads unmemorable due to debris and flooding,” the NRSC said in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra.

Trotro Driver
Trotro Driver

The statement said the heavy rains affects driving and may increase the risk for road traffic crashes.

“We wish to caution all drivers, vehicle owners, transport operators and managers to ensure that their vehicles are in good working condition.

“Your vehicles must have good headlights, reflectors, tyres and wipers. Drivers on the other hand must exercise a lot of care and proper judgment. Drivers should avoid flooded roads where possible or drive within the stipulated speed limits in order to minimise the risk associated with driving in this condition,” the statement said.

“We expect passengers to assume frontline road safety roles by speaking up against any form of driver recklessness that can endanger their lives. We trust that we will all observe this caution so that we can all arrive at our destinations alive,” the statement said.

Source: GNA


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