So I?m sitting here going through the results from the international fixtures and I can?t help but notice the pattern. 2012 has indeed been a year of shockers. I wouldn?t even know where to start if I were to list the results. If football was a melancholic (moody) wife, you wouldn?t know what to expect when you retire to bed. Feast or Famine??? When the indomitable lions go to a tiny Island and come back without paws, then some super eagles go to Liberia to steal blood diamonds and forget to play football, you know immediately these are not normal times.
Last time I came your way talking a whole load of crap about class, revelations and all that. I am surprised some of you even took the time to read, honestly. But I appreciate you lot are still here because guess what, this week hasn?t been any different.

Speaking of difference, the guys on GTV are certainly of a different class. My word, that commentary during the Stars? game against Malawi was out of this world. And I say this with all affection; it has no place in our world today. It was simply rubbish. As for the replays or the attempts of it thereof, it is so incredibly pathetic I can literally produce a 40page dissertation on the subject. Indeed one gets a better view of an incident from the real action than you would from a GTV replay. Its poles apart from what you see in the top European leagues huh??

But I was talking about the commentary. As uncomfortable as it was, it was quite entertaining and thought provoking too. Now who would have thought that? How one player finds SOLACE in another on the field of play defies the laws of quantum physics. Both have one thing in common though. I have absolutely no understanding of either. I can assure you, the chance of that happening equals the likelihood that Samuel Inkoom would produce a Dani Alves-like cross from the right. In any case that commentary was a real highlight for me in what would have been a drab performance from the Black Stars. It was chaotic in the middle of the field and there was no real cohesion in terms of general play. From players and coaching staff to supporters, everybody was faced with the unpleasant task of finding out who was playing where. The question of whether this guy Kwesi Appiah is the right man for the job will be shelved for now because it?s really one of a sensitive nature for me for various reasons.

All the same, it wasn?t all about awful commentary or grappling with player positions. Not often do you say this but in the midst of all the pandemonium, ATSUnami did sweep through carrying along a lot of flair and style. I must say it was a welcome delight on the day. Christened Christian, it was certainly swashbuckling, spreading some sort of a ?cold?. I happened to have caught it real bad for I kept giving it away throughout the game ? AAAATSU!! AAATSU!!!
Like many, I have high hopes for this guy. I don?t really know if that?s a good thing having already pointed out the effects of such huge expectations on a fella this ?young?.
At the risk of thrusting him into the deep end too early, I prescribe baby steps people, Baby Steps.

Sure you?ve heard this question like a million times, ?how do you like your eggs??? Well how do you like your football?? I know how I like it ?poached, scrambled sometimes or simply fried, 3 large with all the greens and reds in attendance. Hey, the question was about football right? Ya!

So I like it slow, mid-tempo isn?t bad too. Probably over speed, at a real frenetic pace with lots of passion is really my thing. I like it when it?s noisy too. If ever I was looking for some Saturday night action, then I got it. It was just pure, raw total passion in the South American qualifiers. I don?t know if it has always been this exciting but last weekend it certainly was. A mixed set of results plus some absorbing football whichever way you look and I was undeniably at the right place. Now I believe I may have failed to mention that my initial cold developed into some sort of ?fever?. A YELLOW type actually. This one was a rare strain from Colombia. Two hot steamy affairs and I was helpless in doing anything about catching this one.

His playing career ended at age 28; at one point in time he was even a taxi driver but stints with his native Argentina, 3 times at U20 and especially in 2006 ensured that he got the chance to finish what he started. Jose Pekerman has got the whole world singing ?Macarena? right now. His Colombian side are causing waves in the Americas. But I wasn?t surprised. His time as Argentina coach, albeit fleeting saw the best of Argentine football one would ever see. No wonder the name rang a bell when I first heard it. I needed to jolt my memory. I quite remember Argentina?s group game at 06 WC against Serbia. They simply and literally played a hapless Serbia side off the field and sang a happy tune to help them on their way (well not really).

Tinker man?s got his current side operating at optimum levels dishing out local delicacies liaised with the deadly ?Cattleya?. Uruguay were soundly beaten and Chile fought well. But with a guy like Falcao in his ranks, scoring goals embarrassingly at will and for fun, we?ve surely seen some resurgence in what was once ?the Pekerman era?. Do watch out for players such as James Rodriguez, Aguilar, Teo Gutierrez, and Moreno at the next World Cup because they will surely be there.

Before am off, somebody just pointed out to me I may have confused you a little earlier on with all that talk about eggs, speed and fevers. Just before you get your blood pressures racing, this forum is all about football. Nothing else! Just football! Got it? Hope so.
With that said and done, the biggest club competition of them all is here again. No better way to express my feelings right now- ?I have an erection. It?s a good sign. I?m ready to go to trial. Lock and load- Denny Crane?. (Yep, 2x in a row, you?ve got to love this guy). See you after round 1.

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