United states based record Label (Gentlemenradio record label) artist Drag B Gh who released a song last month dubbed “Do mi bi” literally meaning could be ” love me too”.
drag b cover?A love song which he narrate a story of his LOVE for a woman he cherished the most.

The end of the song left listeners in suspense. Following up the story from his previous song Drag B,release another song title #ANSWER featuring O’tion, official producer of international label (higher level records), hitmaker of GUD MOOD by Dobble, writter of “Bie Me” by Dobble and “Nobody Knows Tomorrow” by Famouz. ANSWER is a love song which tells a story of character in a serious relationship wanted to know if the woman he loves does love him the same way. Answer is the song you need to listen to because it have positive message.


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