Dr. Zanetor
Dr. Zanetor
Dr. Zanetor
Dr. Zanetor

She said: ?If the so-called group knew Nii Armah Ashitey is a capable candidate to win the Klottey Korle seat for the National Democratic (NDC) why are they targeting me and leaving the rest of the contestants.?

In a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency, she reacted to the comments made at a news conference by FONAA attacking her integrity and that of the NDC Vetting Committee for allowing her to go through the selection smoothly.

The FONAA expressed surprise why Mr Leeford Quarshie, one of the contestants, whom they believed could sail through, was disqualified rather than Dr Rawlings.

Dr Rawlings said the ?FONAA product has lost its market value,? adding that; ?why won?t they allow the so-called achievements to sell their preferred candidate.?

?I will like to state clearly that I am a woman of integrity who had received, and continue to receive recognition both locally and internationally for representing the down trodden,? she said.

The MP aspirant said she has plans to transform the constituency, which covers four major areas, such as implementation of wellbeing programmes, including regular free health screening and provision of health facilities.

She said she would facilitate sanitation programmes by personally supervising the dredging of the Klottey Korle Lagoon, including fumigation against mosquitoes and public education on attitudinal change.

Dr Rawlings said: ?I wish to put it to Nii Armah Ashitey and his FONAA group that the beauty of a dance can be foretold from the onset.

?I Dr Rawlings will not wait to be voted into office before I start working, I have already hit the ground running with the inspiring can-do-spirit in the constituency.?

She called on the people not to take the FONAA serious and dismiss their assertion with the contempt it deserves.



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