Professor Dr Utz Dornberger, Director of Small Enterprise Promotion Training Department (SEPT), at the University of Liepzig in Germany, has urged parents and teachers not to suppress the innovative  spirit and capabilities in children.

They should rather guide and encourage the children to develop and exploit their potentials.

Professor Dornberger made the call at a lecture organized as part of activities to mark the 10th anniversary celebration of the Catholic University College of Ghana (CUCG) at Fiapre near Sunyani on the theme: ?Entrepreneurship Skills Development?.

He pointed out that nothing could be achieved in life without risk and for this reason children needed to be encouraged to develop their God-given capabilities.

?We need to allow children to find their way out in life, as much as we want to protect them from danger,? he said.

Prof Dornberger suggested that entrepreneurial skills development should begin at the basic level of education and not at the tertiary level to help children build on their talents at the early stages.

Prof Dornberger said Ghanaians were creative and had the potentials to engage in more international business and therefore urged the public to eschew fear and overcome challenges.

On copyright violation in the country, he said it was a challenge in industry,because copyright violation was not effectively dealt with and that a system  be developed to check such infringement.

Source: GNA


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