Dr. Edward Omane Boamahcoordinator of the Ghana?s participation in the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations1 Dr. Omane Boamah: Mahama?s appointments show advancement of the ?Better Ghana Agenda

Dr. Edward Omane Boamah

The minister designate for communications, Dr. Edward Omane Boamah says the first two sets of appointments made by President Mahama indicate his focus and commitment to the advancement of the Better Ghana agenda.

According to him, the president?s appointments points to the fact that he is interested in competency and people with track record in their various fields.

President Mahama has made two sets of appointments after assuming the reins of power as president.

The first which was officers at the president and second ministerial appointments.

However, some members of the NDC are of the opinion that the president has failed to nominate more active party members in his first two sets of appointments.

But speaking on Asempa FM?s current affairs talk show, Ekosii-Sen on Wednesday, Dr. Omane Boamah noted that the appointments made so far are spectacular urging aggrieved party faithful to exercise restraint.

The caretaker deputy minister of youth and sports stressed that president Mahama needs to be lauded for his first batch of appointees in order for him to bring in more competent people in subsequent appointments.

?Clearly the president appointments show that he is advancing the Better Ghana agenda. He just appointed men of integrity and people with track record. Looking at someone like the first female vice chancellor of the Cape Coast University heading for the Education Ministry, it is only fair not to question her competence. Hon. Hannah Tetteh heading for the Foreign Affairs Ministry is also good due to her track record as a lawyer, trade minister and MP. Dr. Oteng Agyei going to the Environment, Science and Innovation Ministry is also spectacular because he is an electrical engineer so that ministry is his field. I can mention lots more so Mahama?s appointments is a perfect team. I believe the rest of the appointments will also be good for the advancement of the Better Ghana? he bellowed.

As a Minister designate for the Communications Ministry, Dr. Omane Boamah said he is no alien to the ministry adding that he will best fit into the shoes of his predecessor, Haruna Iddrisu.

Dr. Omane Boamah revealed that before being appointed to the ministry, he had chaired a committee investigation the citation of telecommunication masts. To him, the recommendations of the committee curbed the rampant collapse of these masts on people so he is best fit for the ministry.

?When I was at the ministry of science and technology, I chaired a committee to look into the rampant collapse of telecommunication mast on people. I believe the recommendations of the committee helped reduce the occurrence of these incidents in our residential areas so I believe I will not be new to that the ministry. This committee also helped me understood the work of the telecommunication companies so I will only partner them in ensuring that efficiency in the work is enhanced?.

He noted that one area of importance to him is the revamp of the collapsing Ghana post company. ?The Ghana Post Company is much dear to my heart because it is a good avenue for communication but has unfortunately been neglected. After assuming office, I will recommend certain things to parliament to see whether the Ghana Post Company could be given a new face-lift because it is a huge assert to the country?s communications industry?.

He reckoned that his time at the ministry will ensure that the Ghanaian universities will be furnished with internet services to make learning convenient to students. ?I think by the time I exit the communications ministry, most of our universities must have some internet services where students can use the Wifi for their researches?.

?I think there are many appointments to be made so people must be patient. Wherever you may find yourself, you must know that you are serving Ghana and advancing the better Ghana agenda. Those who may unfortunately not be appointed must also be supportive?.

Source Asempa News Ghana


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