By?Desmond Bress-Biney

Dr. Kwaku Gyamfi, Managing Director of the Reform Health Centre in Accra has blamed both the print and electronic media for the activities of alleged men of God who claim to possess supernatural powers that could turn misfortunes into fortune.

picAddressing the second graduation of the BetheSDA Centre of Evangelism and Bible School at Anomawobi near Kasoa, he explained that the media publicity is only for financial gains.

He admonished the new graduands not to emulate such religious leaders but endeavour to preach salvation instead of prosperity Gospel.

In his view, ??there are many people who claim to be shepherds of the flocks but are not tending the sheep to the satisfaction of the Creator?? adding ??don?t be like them, tell the people to seek first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto them.??

Dr. Gyamfi further reminded the graduands that the world is full of evil activities such as murder, rape, corruption, lies, dishonesty, armed robbery among others stressing that in the book of Proverbs 6:16-18; the Lord God makes it plain seven things that he hates and warned that those who indulge in these wicked acts would be fatally wounded.

The Bible, he said, identifies these evil things as a proud look; a lying tongue; hands that kill innocent people; a mind that thinks up wicked plans; feet that hurry off to do evil; a witness who tells one lie after another; and a person who stirs up trouble amongst friends.

He urged the graduands that the above are the major things they must strive to eliminate from the society as they go about preaching the Good News.

?To be able to eliminate these evils, you must pray unceasingly and walk in perfect obedience to God.? he said.

Dr. Gyamfi further regretted that though it is not time for political campaigns for the 2016 General Elections, some politician have started casting aspersions at their political opponents. This, he said, does not help the country to develop. He further urged present day politicians to discontinue this bad habit.

?Elections are not wars. They are opportunities meant to showcase manifestoes, agenda and policies. The dark days of insult, killing and assaults on political opponents are gone and should not be revisited.? he advised.

On her part, the Director of the BetheSDA Centre of Evangelism and Bible School, Mrs. Sharna Welty, encouraged the graduands to read and study the Bible always and also ask God for guidance to enable them overcome challenges they are likely to face.

She expressed upon the graduands to be humble, avoid arrogance, pride, selfishness and not to hunt for worldly things such as money, vehicles, houses, fame and others do, but rely on Jesus Christ who has called them.

Mrs. Sharna Welty also disclosed that the construction for the GHC200, 000.00 proposed clinic will commence this year. According to the Director, the authorities are not only considering the cost for qualified staff to manage the clinic, but also the provision of appropriate logistics for efficient services.

She also noted that there are plans in the pipeline to acquire some land at Bawjiase for the construction of a Manse and a Primary school to cater for the children there in addition to a new church building to be constructed at Jachie in the Ashanti Region.

Mrs. Welty pointed out that apart from teaching the Word of God, the centre supports orphanages and provide them with medical equipment and wheelchairs. The centre has also provided farming jobs to about 25 peoples at Kyekyebiase, also in the Ashanti Region. It also operated orphanages in Kenya and supports 3 others there.

This year nine students graduated from the centre after going through intensive study in the Bible and its application. Two of the graduands were Togolese, while one came from Kenya. As part of their training, they also acquired skills in bakery, health care, organic farming, and mushrooms production.

In his contribution, the president of the Ghana National Association of Farmers and Fishermen, Nai Kwao Otuo V, prayed that the Word of God that had been sown at Anomawobi would bear good fruits and spread across the country.

Nai Otuo V, who was the 1994 2nd Best National Farmers, further advised the new graduands not to spread any doctrine to what they went through at the training centre.


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