Popular fiction author, Dr. Ike Tandoh will soon launch a digital version of all his 27 published moral fiction stories.

The novels will be available on Google play store for easy download for all readers.

According to the award winning author, the idea to go digital with his books is to make it easily available for all readers worldwide.

Ike Tandoh stressed that it was about time Ghanaian authors took writing to another level and showcased their work to the rest of the reading public around the globe.

He obsevered that it was very unfortunate the Ghanaian writer has been neglected by policy markers, making their talent not well realised.
He said the lack of support by government for writers has caused a serious disservice to the reading population of Ghana.

“No wonder school going children are not interested in reading now, because authors are not writing due to so many challenges they face,” he added.

Dr. Tandoh said, to improve literacy and for the government’s agenda of education, and the masses through the implementation of free SHS to materialise, critical attention must be placed on reading and writing hence government must support local Ghanaian authors.

He indicated he was going digital with his books to ensure that the youth and children alike will not waste their data searching for uneducated opera soaps and pornography with their phones and tablets.

He therefore encourage parent to patronize his books on the Google play store when launched in 2019 and make useful contributions to their wards’ education.

He emphasized that the long held perception that if you want to hide anything valuable from the African one must put it inside a book must be defeated.

The youth must cultivate the habit of reading, since it is the best investment they can make for themselves.

Dr. Tandoh published his first book ” Dear mama why so soon? In 1999 and has since published best selling novels like ” I told you so, ” Friends” A call to heaven, the dying hero among many other titles.


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