Professionals at Ghana’s premier teaching hospital, Korle Bu, should be consulted and their concerns integrated into projects at the hospital to ensure the best results are realized, Dr Felix Anyah, CEO, has said.He said the era of projects being “dumped” on the hospital without input from its “hi-tech” staff must come to an end. Dr Anyah made these remarks during an awards event for retired nurses of the Korle Bu Hospital held by its senior staff association at the Deans Guest House.

Speaking to News Ghana’s Sammy Adjei, he said “There is a culture where projects are dumped on Korle Bu, without the significant involvement of professionals in Korle Bu and I think that thing must stop. We should be able to involve Korle Bu in determining what products they want and what brands they want because there are high-level, hi-tech people who should get what they want. And when they do, they should be able to deliver.”

He also called for a legislative instrument to back the “workings” and “policies” of Korle Bu, adding: “So the problems we see in Korle Bu primarily are generated because there are no regulations by the absence of the LI. So if we should get an LI as fast as possible, we should be able to get these issues resolved completely.”

By:Sammy Adjei/