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The head of Psychiatric unit at the Komfo Ankoye Teaching Hospital (KATH) Dr Gordon Donnir has allayed fears that epilepsy is a spiritual and contagious disease as speculated by a section of the public.

Epileptic and seizure patients in most cases have been rejected by their families and friends fearing that they will be infected with the disease.

But Dr Donnir explained that epilepsy is not acquired through physical contact with the patients calling on the public especially the families not to neglect them.

Speaking on Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he called on the public to show love and support people with epilepsy by helping them seek medical help and be free from repeated seizures.

‘Epilepsy is not spiritual and is not contagious, if you touch an epileptic person suffering from an attack, you will never be infected, if you are a friend with an epileptic patient and you touch her/him, you will not be infected. If you are the wife or the girlfriend vice versa, you will never get epilepsy, so please don’t abandon people you know are suffering from epilepsy, lead them to where they can get help and treatment and be free from seizures so that you can have good relationship with these people,’ he advised.

Dr Donnir admonished patients with epilepsy to religiously take their medications to avoid future seizure ocurrences.

On his part, a cured epileptic patient Kofi Agyemang advised patients suffering from epilepsy to desist from wasting monies by seeking help from faith based organisations.

He entreated such patients to rather visit KATH where doctors are readily available to offer treatment.

Mr Agyemang intimated that epilepsy is treatable urging patients to seek medical help for seizures rather than wallowing in home to suffer needlessly.

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