Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) Parliament will discuss a censure motion against Transport Minister Justin Kalumba during the next extraordinary session, parliamentarians said Wednesday. DR Congo
The parliamentarians, both from the ruling party and the opposition, said they will censure the minister for showing contempt towards members of parliament.
The censure motion was initiated early this month by a member of parliament from the ruling party, after the discovery of a letter written to the speaker of parliament by the minister, in which Kalumba expressed his disappointment with parliament’s rejection of a road project he had proposed.
Angered by the Kalumba’s attitude, members of the ruling party vowed to censure the minister and push him out of the transport ministry.
However, just when parliament was set to debate the censure motion, Kalumba was declared sick, something that made parliament to push the motion to the next sitting in September. Enditem



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