Our attention has been drawn to comments by a gentleman calling himself Dr Clement Apaak who is a lecturer at the University of Ghana Legon. We expect people who hold themselves as academics to act responsibly and to be fountains of knowledge and advice, not join the propaganda train of a particular political party.

As we have seen in other countries, the threat to political stability ,freedom of information and to resist our country becoming a secret society does not come from the masses or from the ruling class but comes from? quack academics like Dr Clement Apaak who hide on our student campus and do dirty politics. We really fear for the future of our students taking lessons from this man.

Dr Clement Apaak and others who are doing diversionary games to protect the truth about ?the late President Mills demise from coming out should know that the calls for an independent public enquiry will continue to grow as long as conflicting stories about the President s last hours persist. This call is to find out the truth and not about banned substances .There are currently rumours gaining ground that he was murdered because he refused to sign some oil and gas documents worth 500 million dollars which would have made some people? around him rich. How can we dispel these rumours if we don?t have an independent public enquiry so that probity and accountability, that the ruling? NDC often makes noise about can be put into action?

The Ghana Medical Association, Professor Agyeman Badu Akosa, a senior member of the CPP and most recently the former IGP Mr Patrick Acheampong are right in calling for full disclosure. Majority of Ghanaians may have taken part in the funeral dramatics of calling the late Mills king of kings and lord of lords but they are dissatisfied and smell a cover up of something very sinister.

Its time to give the neurological department at Korle Bu a call for Dr Clement Apaak? to be saved before he goes insane.


Suraju Ali Musah Mohammed

Managing Editor

The New Free Press



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