At least 43 killed and many wounded in attack carried out by gunmen on a bus in the Pakistani city of Karachi, officials told Al Jazeera.

The bus belonged to the Ismaili Shia Muslim sect, and was targeted by gunmen at the Safoora Chowk intersection in the eastern part of Pakistan?s largest city on Wednesday.

Sindh police chief Ghulam Haider Jamali said officials believe there were six attackers, who approached the bus on three motorcycles.

Testimony from those who have seen the bus, and footage of it, suggests that the attackers boarded the bus and shot indiscriminately while inside.

Jamali said that those killed had been hit by 9mm gunfire, indicating that handguns had been used in the attack.

Pamphlets left at the scene of the attack claimed that it had been carried out by fighters allied to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) armed group.

?Oh soldiers of the [unbelievers]! We swear that we will make you and your families cry tears of blood and will not rest until we have cleansed this land of you and established Shariah,? read the pamphlet.

Jundullah, a Pakistani armed group that pledged allegiance to ISIL in November last year, also claimed responsibility for Wednesday?s attack.

Following the attack, the bus was driven to the nearby Memon Medical Institute and Hospital with 62 people still inside ? many whom had already died, Aljazeera reports.


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