The National Health Insurance in Dormaa-Ahenkro registered a total of 76, 052 members out of 100, 887 it had targeted for registration in 2016, representing 75.4 per cent of member coverage within the Dormaa Central Municipality.
Mr Edward Nkrumah, the Manager of the National Health Insurance in the Dormaa Central Municipality, attributed the inability of the scheme to achieve set targets to lack of transportation to convey people from distant locations to its premises in Dormaa Ahenkro for registration.
He said the situation was further compounded by the failure to access services and networks of mobile telecommunication services providers in deprived or rural communities.
“We don’t have problems in the urban centres Wamfie, Nkrakwanta, and Dormaa-Ahenkro because telecommunications services are easily accessible. This is not so in the deprived communities. We wanted to do village to village registration but this is not possible due to network problems”, he said.
He said Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) is mostly accessible in urban centres, but Vodafone is accessible in both urban and rural areas.
Mr Nkrumah said his outfit are in discussion with Vodafone to fashion out best strategies on how to make services accessible and available in deprived communities to help the team register people there.