Police in the Western region are cautioning Ghanaians against using illegal routes to Ivory Coast.?They say such routes are not only illegal but dangerous to the lives of those who use them.

The Ivorian side of the border has been closed following a shooting incident on September 21, 2012 which led to the deaths of four people.

The Ivorians are blaming their Ghanaian counterparts for the incident. Ghanaian authorities have however denied the accusation.

Even though the two governments after initial discussion agreed to open both sides of the border, the Ivorians have reneged on their promise.

Officials of both governments are still making frantic efforts to find an amicable solution to the problem.

Western Regional Police Commander, DCOP Ransford Ninson told Joy News until a solution is found and the Ivorian side of the border opened, traders who use unapproved routes to Ivory Coast do so at their own risk.

?The police are on the ground patrolling the borders. We are advising all to be weary of using unauthorized routes at the borders because if they do we will not spare them. We shall arrest them.”

He said “the place is unsafe now. And so we are advising the general public that they should not at this point in time attempt to go to Cote d?Ivoire for any purchases.”

According to him, the Ghana side of the border remains opened, hoping that of Ivory Coast will be opened very soon.

Meanwhile, MultiTV?s Solomon Cobbinah has been at the Elubo border in the Western Region and reported traders are defying the orders of the police.

He said the traders are using a river to cross over to the Ivorian side of the border.

Some of the traders who spoke to him, acknowledged the risk involved in using the unapproved routes but said they still have to make a living.


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