Ndani TV has released two hot new episodes from the intriguing second season of the hit web series, Gidi UP and yes, there is more action and drama from our favourite Lagos socialites.

Episode 9 ? Shameless
On this episode of Gidi up, Yvonne and Meka continue fooling around behind Sharon?s back and Sharon calls on an old acquaintance for help; Tokunbo tries to make things right with Eki and Eki finds comfort in the company of an old friend.

Episode 10 ? Olympus Has Fallen

Gidi Up - olympus has fallen

On this episode of Gidi up, Tokunbo and his company come to a rude awakening as his choices begin to catch up with him, things between Meka and Yvonne continue to heat up; Obi stumbles upon a conspiracy and Eki finds new happiness in her career.


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