Mentally ill person
Mentally ill person

The Mental Health Coordinator in Ashanti region, Mrs. Faustina Nuako has cautioned and advised Ghanaians especially the media to avoid the use of ?mad man? ?lunatic?, ?imbecile?, etc in describing persons with mental health problems or face the law by paying GH6000/ jail term.

Mentally ill person
Mentally ill person

Explaining further on BREEZE 90.9 FM?s News at 12noon, she said terms like ‘mad man’ lunatic, imbecile, etc are dehumanizing/ humiliating words and stigmatizing against these persons and should be avoided. This is as a result of a research by the association in charge of mental health on the realization of patients returning to the centers after recovery because some feel ashamed.

She added that this does not help in the recovery processes of these patients because some of them complain and return to the rehabilitation centers even after recovery when stigmatized against hence the induction of a law in 2012 (Act 846 2012) which allows anyone caught using these words, fined for GH6000 or serving a jail term.

It extreme instances where the words used are so harsh the culprit could be guilty for both punishments she said.
Ending her word she stated and stressed that everyone has mental illness in diverse ways so we are all patients and would not like to be called ?mad man? or ?lunatic? hence it should not be said to anyone with such chronic ones and those have recovered.

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