No significant change will be recorded in the lives of Ghanaians beyond the 2012 election. The two main contenders ? Nana Ado Danquah Akuffo Addo and Professor John Evans Atta Mills ? belong to different political ideologies and would offer seemingly brilliant solutions to every problem facing Ghanaians. Both gentlemen have gained a lot of experience after spending much of their adult lives playing this ‘game’. Beyond the verbal solutions, however, not much, in real terms, will change. In fact, Ghanaians will be disappointed. Here are two ? out of several – reasons why:

When it comes to political performance, a key indicator of how a candidate is likely to think up, implement and achieve campaign promises is his or her character. Apparently, both candidates have dissimilar character types. At least, that’s what they’ve shown thus far.

On the one hand, Atta Mills is docile, extremely tender and seemingly reluctant to notice the wrong in people. He appears to believe no one around him will harm the life, health, liberty, or possession of another. In fact, he is like a Sunday school teacher in Sodom . Nana Ado , on the other hand, comes across as forceful, risk-loving, grouchy, and sharp. He appears to be grappling routinely with echoes of his perceived unrighteous past ? and alleged explosive associations. These echoes streak from even within his party, where a few big names hint of their mistrust for a Nana Ado-led government.

With these two characters, we’d have a Mills Castle that is oblivious to everything happening around it, be it good or bad. More likely bad! The Castle under Nana Ado, however, will notice almost everything ‘unrighteous’ and yet keep quiet because of either past ? or even present – association or the lack of the moral courage to do so. Under these circumstances, it’d be a miracle to see the character of either of both leaders driving and sustaining the dramatic change the Ghanaian people so desire.

What policies will each of them implement if elected? With hindsight, a Mills administration will hype modest and socially relevant strategies, but he’ll hardly be remembered for any. They might remain on paper or at best be sloppily executed, leaving no remarkable memories in their trail. A key example from the past is the flowery StX housing deal that has evolved into a white elephant, leaving the hands that started applauding the deal hanged mid-air. Yes, Nana Ado is likely to churn out much more audacious and hairy and big policy statements. But much of the effort will go into making the policies sound gigantic rather than practicable ? or even sensible ? in the long run.

Have you heard about the free secondary education policy of Nana Ado? Why are we so eager to gobble up mindshare by promising free things? At best, such a policy, at this time, is not well thought through. How can education be free for both wealthy and poor parents? If implemented, the already underfunded schools will crumble, and rich parents will swiftly move their wards to private schools where they would pay ten times the current fees in public schools.

So, if you have tied your hopes of an improved economy and a better life to what will happen beyond the 2012 polls, then it’s high time you slammed your brakes on those dreams ? not much will change. Neither the professor nor the lawyer has a good mix of the humility and the gut we need to deliver the kind of change we need. Killing or getting killed for the sake of the election won’t offer any greater good. Try something else.

Source: Senyo Akaba.


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