Irene Duncan-Adanusa (right) with Samuel Doe Alobuia, acting National President of GNAT at the event


THE GHANA National Association of Teachers (GNAT) has called on critics not to blame teachers for their children’s poor performance in the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

The organization said the attainment of quality education and subsequently good results by children depend on some factors that must be achieved by all stakeholders.

“Quality depends on the government, teachers, parents and children themselves,” the group said.

They further noted that should all stakeholders play their part in the delivering of quality education, “then we will have the desired results.”

GNAT made this statement Friday when the organization held a press soiree at the International Press Center to brief the media on its activities.

Irene Duncan-Adanusa, General Secretary of GNAT, said the association has an administrative and political structure in place to implement its policies.

According to her, the political hierarchy is responsible for the formulation of policy guidelines and executive direction whereas the secretariat implements policies and programmes of the association with regards to the administrative set-up.

She said the teachers’ fund is a ‘baby’ of GNAT but operates separately adding that it has other subsidiaries like the Teachers Fund Properties and Teachers Fund Financial Services among others.

Outlining the duties of the National Council and National Executive of GNAT, the Head of Administration,   Charles Kala said the former is responsible for interpreting the constitution and any other matters arising that need clearance.

“It is responsible for the smooth administration of the association, has the power to co-opt people to perform certain duties, and is responsible for the full time conditions of service of the general staff,” he said.

He noted that the latter has the responsibility of controlling administrative personnel at the regional level reviewing or ratifying decisions that are taken by the regional executives and other duties.

Speaking on the National Delegates Conference (NDC), Head of Workers and Education, Jacob K. Anderson said the NDC is the association’s highest decision-making body and that it is held once every four years.

He said the NDC is responsible for reviewing the association’s past work, repealing any act or article of the constitution, electing national officers and planning for the ensuing four years.

Highlighting on the dues collection and disbursement, Mr. Anderson said the NDC fixes the rate of dues, which is a salary percentage that should be deducted from every member’s monthly income.

“The rate of dues does not change when salaries increase but the quantum changes,” he added.

According to him, the dues are collected and paid into the association’s account by the controller emphasizing that the only signatories to the account are the general secretary, treasurer and any other person with the association appointed to participate.

He said that 5% of the total income from dues goes to the local branches for their operation.

He also stated that when a teacher retires or dies in active service, 25% of that income is paid on such occurrences.

According to him, the National Finance Committee and Regional Finance Committee are responsible for drawing up the budget at the beginning of every financial year which starts from September 1 and ends on August 31 the following year.

The media in turn encouraged GNAT to support its members located in the rural areas in order to enhance teaching and learning.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri and Berlinda Chochoe Nortey


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