Prof. Ade Malomo, the Chairman Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Oyo State chapter, has called on the Federal Government to do everything possible to avoid the impending doctors’ strike by meeting the demands of the association.

Malomo made the call in an interview on Tuesday in Ibadan. He said that doctors strike was dangerous to the society. Malomo urged government to pay attention to the demands of the association, adding that the lives of ordinary Nigerians would always be at risk during strikes by doctors.

?It will not be easy for the poor populace at all. The lives of people will surely be at risk because their health are at stake. People are bound to die and suffer,? he stressed. Malomo, however, said that the association would embark on warning strike from Wednesday to Sunday if the government failed to respond to its demands.

?If nothing happens till Wednesday, doctors would consider themselves as having no righteous and proper option than to continue the strike. It?s very painful but there is nothing we can do.
?The association had earlier issued several ultimatums to the government, clearly highlighting the major challenges and potential dangers in the health sector, but they were all neglected.?

He said the association demanded that the government should act on the unfair adjustment of salaries in the health sector.
?Other categories of staff are allowed to keep a step in their salary scale while doctors are barred from enjoying the same.

?Government should look at the issue of designating some hospital workers as directors  and neglecting medical doctors who are on the same or even higher grade level than the designated directors.
?Also designating as scientists, people whose functions are technical and prompting them to act independently of medical laboratory experts, who are proper independent and medical lab scientists.

?Let the government respond to our resolutions. If the warning strike does not yield result, we will embark on an indefinite one since strike is the only language the government understands.
?Anyway, there will be emergency treatments.?

Malomo, however, explained that doctors were not angry with healthcare workers but appreciate their roles. ?But undermining the status of rigorous intellectuals and comprehensively demanding peak of professionalism, which medicine is, will not be in the interest of future generations,? he said.


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