Anybody who has driven in Ghana will agree that Ghana roads and highways are nothing but a death trap waiting to happen. Government since the 1989-1992 time took massive loans for road construction and failed to deliver. President Rawlings has never explained what happened to the $4.2 Billion incurred at that time, and successive leaders have taken loans without accounting for the use of funds. In addition to this is the obvious neglect and poor design that has become a disgrace to Ghana. Before one blames Engineers, note that road contracts are awarded for political favors and some of these contractors have no equipment, and no resource to hire engineers or read blueprints or specifications. As such roads once subcontracted, are usually built by workers often with no experience and no supervision.

Due to corruption, European or American contractors are not ever considered for major highway jobs. The new Chinese contractors have also been known to abandon the highways when they are not paid as governments change hands. It is for this reason that Ghanaians suffer massive damages to the tune of billions of dollars annually caused by accidents on these poorly constructed roads, in addition to waste of national resources in rebuilding roads and highways every few years. It just does not make sense to build highways such as the Accra to Kumasi or Cape Coast roads means for 50-65 miles per hour travel and expect drivers to brake every few miles to 5 mph for speed bumps. Why would you call that a highway then? And if Ghana cannot build any major highways after 55 years of independence, then it is time to bow our heads in shame.

We applaud the doctor in this article in bringing this issue to the forefront. We hope Ghanaian Radio and media would focus on such issues also instead of politics all the time.


Source: GNA  /Myjoyonline 

Ghana Roads causing major damage to vehicles

Ghana Roads causing major damage to vehicles

Dr. George Aquaye, the Medical Director at the Volta Regional Hospital, has appealed to the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA) to remove all speed bumps on highways in the country, saying most of the bumps were causing accidents rather than preventing them.

Speaking at a Volta Regional Road Safety Stakeholders? meeting in Ho on Thursday, he said the bumps affected rescue efforts and emergency situations and causing harm to patients in ambulances.

Dr. Acquaye said some of the bumps were too sharp and high and were the cause of frequent tyre punctures and damage to shock absorbers.

At a road safety awards for drivers recently Dr. Acquaye brought a polythene bag full of bolts, knots and rivets picked at one of the bumps close to the Regional Hospital to prove the damage which such bumps caused to vehicles.

He said speed bumps could be the cause of low back pains and neck pains reported at the hospitals.

Dr. Acquaye said the way forward was to constantly advice drivers to obey speed limits and replace current speed bumps with more user-friendly ones.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Alex Bedie, the Volta Regional Police Commander, said the police would be visible on the road this year to ensure discipline by drivers.


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