The duo is made up of Gideon Adu Gyamfi popularly known in the showbiz circles as Ennwai Dobble and Nana Akwesi Aryee also known in the music industry as PK Dobble.


Speaking about the song ?Tres Bien?, the duo said ?Tres bien is simply about meeting a lady for the first time and the good and happy feeling that come with it .The song, which has a dance themed beat, targets present-day listeners across the continent who have a good appreciation for love.

?Good mood?,? Olekeseke?, ?Walai Talai? are some popular songs fans you can easily identify with Dobble. In an exclusive interview with Tigo Music, the ?Oleseke? hit makers confirmed the massive endorsement from fans of their premier on Deezer, an indication that Tigo Deezer is a great platform for Ghanaian musicians to advertise or display their music products.

?Our fans share in our excitement about this step we have taken. It shows how Ghanaians are gradually embracing the idea if digital music streaming sercices.Deezer is a great platform other musicians can take advantage of in order to remain tech savvy and relevant.?

Tres bien is produced and mixed by Doctor Ray. The duo are expected to soon release the video for the track on Deezer.

Dobble are among few duo who have survived in the music industry as a group. They have being together for 7 years and still counting.They hope to go very far as a group in the music industry.


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