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Question : Can you book flights to Europe using U.S. driver’s license
I’m trying to book some flights traveling I take with my aunt in March. Book a flight that will give you options of different personal identification numbers: DNI, extranjero DNI, NIE and passport. He does not have my passport and I do not know if it would be acceptable to use your license number, and divers extranjero DNI. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Best Answer:
Answer Randy

You should be able to book a flight without a passport number of each. The airline may require the information that they have a passport before the flight so that they can process the passport numbers of all the agencies judiciaires.De many foreign countries require that passports be valid for at least 6 months, and some states require that you have at least 6 pages for free. They almost never use more than one, though. You can add pages to your passport.

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