1. I completely sympathize with your cause and understand the anger that led to this threat. You are a people so terribly deprived and disadvantaged by the federal governments of Nigeria since 1980. I want you to know that you have a right to your anger but you do not have any right to destroy human lives because you are angry. The sentencing of your leader or one thereof to life in South Africa, when no leader of Boko Haram who kill and maim lives in Nigeria has been arrested or tried is despicable. The fiat with which the trial was executed if anything is selective justice, application of double standard, and questionable. It is unfortunate that in Nigeria only the poor, the downtrodden, the weak and powerless pay the price of justice. This is what has befallen you and I understand.

2. It is obvious that you want equal justice and equity for all in Nigeria. You want freedom to manage your resources and I agree that your demand is legitimate. However recall that Ndigbo fought for freedom but your people betrayed us and fought alongside our common enemy, Nigeria. Ndigbo fought for justice and liberation but you stood against us. Now more than forty years after; that same enemy you married in that unholy fraternity has become your mortal persecutor, oppressor and enemy. Fight your cause but remember Ndigbo was a solution but you rejected us.

3. Your zeal for social justice, equal rights and freedom of association and freedom to be a people is justified under human rights charter. The world has heard your voice but Nigeria has not seen your reason because of the greed of her leaders. However I am embarrassed by the fact your fight for justice and freedom excludes other ethnic group’s right that has need of the same thing you are fighting for. Ndigbo has been fighting for the release of their properties declared ”abandoned by a federal decree and state edict since 1979. I am wondering why you chose to remain quite over this injustice. Is it because it is the Igbos? If it were your properties declared abandoned in the South Eastern states would you not fight for it? As you fight for your right remember that he who comes to justice must come with equity. This fight against injustice must start from the beginning. Tell your governments to release Igbo properties they sold to their citizens. We need justice as much as you do.

4. Do not spill any Igbo blood as you threatened to deal with all government officials from 1999 to present. If you spill any Igbo blood you would be opening a healing wound. No Igbo man who has served the federal government did any wrong to you. They are our sons and daughters, and we love and cherish them. Do not touch our own and do no harm to any of us. If you do, history would not be kind to you. Ndigbo have fought many wars for justice. Ndigbo are still fighting for freedom. To transgress into our pain and suffering would spell doom for any cause you are fighting for. I am saying this because an Igbo proverb says: ” a mad man said that since death has decided to kill older people, death should be careful of his parents because when anything happens to any of his parents he would be madder than he ever was”.

5. It is well that you addressed the federal government still it is imperative to advice you to choose your targets carefully. Be aware that we have reached the limit of endurance. We have retreated even to the banks of the seas further pushing would be resisted. I understand your grievances but I do not see why you never fought for justice to all, and never condemned injustice meted to us by your governments and people. This makes me to ponder and wonder if you are fighting for justice because it fair or because the system that oppressed us with your support has turned against you?

6. Do not forget it is your own brother that is in power. This is not being carried out by a Northerner or Westerner. It is the government of your people so do not transfer your aggression to any ethnic group. Demand justice for all because what is good for the goose is good for the gander.


Onyema Uche


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