How important is the ?expression? of people in the corporate world? Does the expression of people play any role in their success in the corporate world? One may wonder how in the midst of intelligence, experience, leadership qualities, the expression of people plays a role in determining the career and corporate success.

The truth is that the expression of the individual has a significant role in deciding their respect and recognition in the corporate.

Look at the finest example for the better understanding of how important is ones expression. The farm animals like cat, dog and cattle have been with man since time immemorial. Among the three animals, cattle are the animals that give maximum health and wealth benefit to man when compared to dog and cat. Besides all, even the fecal material of cattle also has great manure value.

But who enjoys the respect and affection of man the most amongst the above three animals? When compared to dog and cat, cattle enjoy the least respect of man. After doing and toiling so much to the man, still cattle suffer the human neglect and worst torture. On the contrary, the dog and cat enjoy the human respect for which they do nothing or a little.

Why such disparity and discrimination against cattle exist in nature? The answer one needs to derive from deep understanding of the fact with clear management insight. Both the cat and the dog are very expressive. They express their affection, loyalty and domination or anger to their boss very often. They always connect well to their surroundings and people.

In brief, both the dogs and cats express their affection and anger in equal measure. Contrary to the above, the cattle never express their affection, loyalty or anger to their master. In most occasions, they remain silent, resilient, tolerant and unexpressive.

The extent of job the cattle does to the man is difficult to define or describe in single word. They pull cart, help in transporting materials to different places, help to plough the agricultural field, get slaughtered and becomes the meal for man to eat and become fat, provides their skin for various purposes etc.,. Even the fecal waste of the cattle is used as an excellent organic manure. Despite all these help, cattle never enjoy their due share of respect from man purely because they are least expressive of their mind or emotion.

The simple reason being the cattle are least expressive. It is not what one does but how one expresses and connects to his or her environment that matters. If you are expressive, the job you do or the target whether you achieve or not becomes least important, still you can win the appreciation of people. Look at the calf of a cow or a buffalo they are liked by people as they are more expressive and cute than their parents.

In boss-subordinate relationship, the expression plays an important role. Unexpressive subordinate and unexpressive boss, both are burden to the team. Perhaps, such people may contribute a lot to the corporate, but their contributions always appear dead and meaningless.

If you keep your expression alive, you will be treated as important and valuable member of the team otherwise, people in the corporate will treat you like cattle in the farm. You may toil and sweat, but someone with least contribution may enjoy the total reward.

Cattle, despite being with man for several thousands of years appears to have not learned this important management lesson, at least you learn this, dear corporate employees.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

Learn more from the management book ? ?Jungle wisdom for corporate management ? lessons from the university of nature? by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan


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