wpid-ssnit-logo.pngThe introduction of Social Security National Investment Trust (SSNIT) some years ago is still beneficial and essential to ones retirement period.

It is very disturbing to hear and observe that there are a lot employers who do honour the 18.5% SSNIT contribution of their employees? basic monthly salaries.

Narrowing down to the football circuit, apart from clubs signing players on contract with other bonuses, have they be paying players? SSNIT contributions?

The answer is obviously a big NO and this clearly tells how important the clubs with managements need extensive education on SSNIT.

I will not be surprise if none of the managements from the teams especially those in the topflight do not? undertake such venture for the future well being of the players and indeed it is about time they are cross examined for the truth.

I suggest that the Ghana Football Association and the stakeholders should take this matter very serious by ensuring that come next season and beyond administrators must register and pay their players SSNIT contribution in every major division of sporting discipline in the country noy only football.



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