DJ Mic Smith - We Just LandedBesides being the hottest Dj in Ghana now Dj Mic Smith has taken on the opposition?to spearhead the largest and arguably the doppest posse Hiphop song of the Year !

In His own words: Yes ! We Just Landed !

The song started making waves as soon as it was uploaded on Friday 21st March, 2014.

Maybe it was good promo, maybe it was the A-list rappers onboard…or maybe it was just time for something different.

We Just Landed (#WeJustLanded) features some of Ghana’s finest rappers.

C-Real, E.l, Gemini, Stargo and JoeyB all stood their ground and made sure the track was airtight with hot punchline, creative deliveries and enough swag for months to come.

Enough talk about the hottest track out now.

Here it is..


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